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Biophilic interior design with stabilized plants

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Biophilic design (Biophilia)

Biophilic design is a concept underlying the scientific theory of biologist Edward O. Wilson.
Biophilic design is used in architecture with the aim of increasing the connectivity of the occupants to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature and the conditions of space and place. Used at both building and city levels, it has health, environmental and economic benefits for building occupants and urban environments.


What is stabilized green?

Preserved moss is a rising star in interior plantscape design (green interiors), an element of biophilia improves the quality of the interior ambiance of any building.

Are you looking for a green that:

  • doesn't it require a green thumb?  

  • does it take you time to cure?  

  • does it require no maintenance costs?

  • doesn't it require a bright environment ?

  • does it not attract insects and parasites?

Then choose the stabilized green

  • it requires only love and passion for plants  

  • it only requires an initial expense that guarantees its duration over time

The best location

Preserved greenery is a great choice for decorating  indoor environments, with a relative humidity level that can vary from 40% to 70%.

It is advisable to place stabilized plants away from direct sunlight, heat sources and bad weather.

moss wall 8.jpg

Services and products

Attention to quality and professionalism are the basis of the services we provide. We work together with our customers, using our skills to bring their ideas to life. See the list below to find out more about the services offered.


Moss panels

  • Standard and customized panels

  • Single product panels (Lichen, Moss, Flowers)

  • With various colors

  • On a rigid or flexible base

  • Quick and easy to install 

Image 05_001.jpg

Accent wall

  • Customizable

  • Designed by architects and landscape architects

  • Simulation with 3d modeling

  • 100% handmade production


Artistic paintings

  • Single copy work of art

  • A combination of painting and garden design

  • Without limits of measure

  • Designed and made by Moss artist


Green logo

  • More visible logo

  • Highlight your business

  • Any shape and size

  • Applicable on all materials

  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional

giardino stabilizzato

Indoor gardens

  • Indoor evergreen gardens

  • No maintenance

  • Wide choice of hundreds of plants and flowers

  • Designed by landscape architect


Floral composition

  • To remember the unrepeatable moments!

  • Long-lasting freshness

  • A personalized gift

  • Reusable event decorations

  • Objects of decoration

  • Stabilized bouquets

Contact us

Via Vitaliano Brancati, 00144 Rome (RM)

(+39) 3892340016

VAT number: 16154291005

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