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Biophilia e

stabilized green

  • Biophilic design is based on a repeated and sustained engagement with nature, not an occasional, transient or isolated experience of nature.

  • Biophilic design requires the strengthening and integration of interventions that connect with the environment and the general space. Exposing nature within a disconnected space - such as an isolated plant or an out-of-context image or a natural material in contrast to other dominant spatial features - is NOT an effective biophilic project.

  • Biophilic design emphasizes human adaptations to nature which over time have proven to be instrumental in improving people's health, fitness and well-being.

  • Biophilic design fosters emotional attachments to environments and places. These emotional attachments motivate people's performance and productivity and push us to identify and support the places we inhabit.

  • Biophilic design fosters positive and lasting interactions and relationships between people and the natural environment.

For this reason our projects are based on bio-architecture and biophilic design, using natural and ecological resources.
The green wall or the
  vertical garden, in the last period it has become an increasingly widespread trend in residential and commercial contexts.  Indoor or outdoor, wall mounted or not,  alive or stabilized , vertical green can be designed in many ways. Moreover, it fits well in any context and with any style of furniture.

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what is stabilized green?


Preserved plants and flowers are entirely natural and ecological . Result of a unique plant conservation process, which consists in replacing the sap with a stabilizing treatment product. 

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The stabilized green is composed of:



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Moss (Moss)





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The reasons for choosing stabilized plants?

General features

  1. Antistatic: Does not attract dust  

  2. Sound absorbing: Can be used to soundproof rooms

  3. They are perfect for interior decoration

  4. Availability of various colors

  5. Applicable on all surfaces of any material

  6. Realizable in any form

  7. Quick and easy installation

  8. Their life span is at least 10 years

  9. Always green


  1. No maintenance required

  2. No need for irrigation

  3. No need for soil or manure

  4. No need for light

  5. No growth

  6. no insecticides


  1. Just an initial expense

  2. Long-term economic savings

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Ideal conditions for long-term maintenance of stabilized plants

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